How To Fill an Envelope
SaverBoxes are designed to completely fill the USPS flat rate envelope, giving you the most bang for your shipping buck.
  • Select the appropriate USPS flat rate envelope (letter or legal size) for the Saverbox you are going to ship.

  • Prepare the envelope for use by making a fist and placing your hand inside and pressing against the flat palm of your other hand on the bottom, outside of the envelope.

  • Saverboxes are designed to fit snugly inside the envelope. Slide the Saverbox inside the envelope. It helps to stick one corner in first and then work the other corner into the envelope.

  • Slide the Saverbox the rest of the way into the envelope.

  • Once the box is inserted, there will be a small amount of excess material at the bottom corners of the envelope.

  • Grasp each of the bottom corners of the envelope as if piching them.

  • Tightly hold each corner between the index finger and thumb and fold up and outward. This will maximize the depth of the envelope and enable the box to be pushed all the way inside the envelope.

  • Fold the front flap of the envelope up against the front side of the box.

  • Use one hand to hold the flap of the envelope against the front of the box. Do not remove the cover over the adhesive strip yet.

  • Use your other hand to grasp the top corner of the envelope between your index finger and thumb.

  • Fold downward and away from the side of the envelope. Repeat for the other top corner of the envelope

  • Remove the cover to the adhesive strip on the inside for the flap.

  • Fold the flap completely over the side of the envelope and press the adhesive strip onto the side of the envelope.

  • Your package is completely sealed inside the envelope.

  • Now you are ready to use a shipping label and a closure sticker.

  • Place your shipping label on the package as shown below. It’s easiest if you put the sticker on upside down. Allow the sticker to overlap the flap for extra strength.

  • Finally, put your closure sticker on the package. Always use a 50 Ship closure sticker. It tells every USPS employee where to find the rule authorizing this use of the flat rate envelope.

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