50 Ship Guarantee

We guarantee the USPS will not overcharge you for your 50 Ship shipment if you follow all the requirements below.

Your Shipment

Your shipment must follow these rules to be eligible for our guarantee:

  • Use a 50 Ship SaverBox purchased directly from 50ship.com.
  • Use a new USPS Priority Mail envelope.
  • Everything in your shipment must fit inside the box. You cannot put any other items in the envelope other than the SaverBox.
  • The SaverBox cannot be modified in any way.
  • The SaverBox must close completely without tape and without bulging.
  • Print postage for the correct envelope type.
  • The shipment must weight less than 70 pounds.
  • Use a closure sticker received directly from 50 Ship. Photocopies or reproductions are not eligible.
  • Apply the closure sticker and postage sticker as described in How to Use SaverBox with USPS.
  • Report the overcharge to us within seven (7) days of receiving notice of the charge.
  • Provide evidence of the overcharge, including contact information of the recipient.
  • Authorize 50 Ship to communicate with the USPS, dispute the overcharge, and request a refund on your behalf.

Our Guarantee

If you follow all the requirements above, and 50 Ship is not able to obtain a refund for you, we will credit your 50 Ship account for the amount of the overcharge, which you can use on any future order at 50 Ship.

If you meet all the requirements on this page, your shipments are guaranteed against USPS overcharges.